Hopefully by now your taxes are filed. I recently sent mine off and I  must admidt I cried a silent tear as I wrote my check to good old "Uncle Sam". If you're one of those receiving a tax refund, consider yourself lucky. It may be tempting to blow your refund at the mall, but I suggest spending it wisely.

#1) Pay off debt. If you have debt - pay it off! If you're debt free set aside a savings account to cover six months of expenses.
#2) Pay for something upfront. Some insurance companies, day-cares, and gyms offer a discount if you pay upfront instead of once a month.
#3) Home Improvements. Fix that hinge that is broken or make improvements that either increase the value of your home, or save you money. (i.e. energy efficient windows, doors, or appliances)
#4) Family Memberships. Buy yearly passes to a zoo or museum.
#5) Save it for Christmas Presents. Buy a gift everytime you find a deal. This will ease the burden on your December paycheck.
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