West Richland's Flat Top Park in West Richland (Bombing Range Rd. and Van Giesen) will be the site of another Food Truck Night tomorrow (4/14). The wind will have settled and it's supposed to be a beautiful 69 degrees. Hosted by the City of West Richland and the Southeastern Washington Food Truck Assoc., the event time is 4:30-7:30 and everyone is welcomed. Sno-cones, ice cream, hot dogs, and various other food items will be available for purchase.

The history of food trucks goes back to the 1600s when a place that is now known as New York City had so many food carts that they put regulations into place according to mobile-cuisine.com. Then a couple of hundred years later, dining cars started feeding train passengers. And of course, there's the classic 'chuck wagon' that appeared in great western movies like The Cowboys, starring John Wayne.

A piece of cool food truck history that we still see today is the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile. Back in 1934 when it debuted, it was simply a hot dog trailer with that recognizable weiner mobile shape. Does an ice cream truck count as a food truck? Since ice cream is one of my 3 major food groups, I'm gonna say yes. Do you remember when a food truck was called a 'roach coach' and found mostly in areas where workers came pouring out of a factory or construction site at lunch time? And according to mobile-cuisine.com, one of the coolest pieces of food truck history ever...the invention of the first taco truck in the U.S.! In 1974, Raul Martinez converted an old ice cream truck to serve his homemade tacos in front of a bar in East L.A.



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