Boy, that didn't take long!

Pasco Police have apprehended a suspect accused of an armed robbery at the Mr. Quik's Convenience store at 26th and Court. Around 1AM 34-year-old  Pedro Medina of Pasco allegedly entered the store, displayed the firearm seen in these pictures, and made off with cash.

Pasco robbery suspect )PPD)
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However, because of the store's excellent surveillance system, say Police, and a great description from the clerk (who was not harmed) Officers were able to quickly establish a profile and get the investigation going. Officers had arrived at 1:19AM.

Armed with all that information, Police were able to locate Medina around 8AM, he was found in the 1600 block of West Irving Street.

Pasco robbery suspect (PPD)

He followed Police commands and was arrested without any incident. Despite his going to great lengths to disguise his appearance, Police credited the clerk and the video system with making it a lot easier to ID him.

He's now facing a variety of charges related to the armed robbery. TIP: Maybe next time don't wear a floppy hat that makes you look like Peter Cottontail.


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