Chivalry may be dead, but honesty and doing the right thing? That’s alive and well, at least in south Florida.

Local resident Adriana Allen, 46, of Boca Raton, encountered a bill-spitting ATM last weekend. Instead of pocketing the $1,800 in cash, which was sticking out of the deposit slot of a drive-thru ATM, she called the cops.

Rather than electing to become nearly $2,000 richer, Allen tried to push the cash back into the deposit slot, but the machine rejected it. She called the police, held onto the stack of hundreds and waited for the authorities to arrive and take over.

The cops are holding the cash in evidence until they can determine the rightful owner via bank officials.

The moral of the story, besides “honesty is the best policy” and all that feel good stuff? Never trust those cash deposit slots at ATMs!


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