What's so inviting about this ATM that thieves want to hit it up?

According to a recent Facebook post, Pasco Police confirm that this is the second time this same ATM machine has been targeted by thieves.

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While we're at it, there are safety precautions to practice at all ATMs:

Only use ATMs in well-lit areas.
Be aware of your surroundings.
Lock your doors at the drive-thru ATMs.
Be aware of card skimmers. Never show anyone your PIN code.
Don't count money in front of the ATM.
If someone demands your money, COMPLY. No amount of cash is worth your life.

Trying to steal an ATM machine is never a good idea. See below.

Would-be ATM thieves: It's not a good idea to attempt any type of shenanigans at Wheatland Bank. This ATM is thief-proof!

Pasco Police Facebook
Pasco Police Facebook

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