Police didn't say when this alleged fraud took place, but are now looking for leads into the suspect.

Walla Walla Police say the woman in the picture with the mask used a fake ID card of a business owner in Walla Walla to withdraw money from the business account.

The alleged theft took place, the transaction, at a bank in Portland, OR. The woman was able to withdraw $3,500 from the company account. No other specifics were released by the department, but the woman is believed to be either from the Walla Walla area or still lives there.

Anyone with any information is urged to call (509)-524-3494. All leads can be confidential. The name of the company was also not released.

Obviously ID'ing the woman will be more difficult with the mask on.  It's worth noting that the teller or bank workers did not adhere to Federal or generally practiced financial security procedures. Virtually all banks and credit unions require persons (COVID or not) to remove dark glasses, hoodies, masks, or other face coverings upon entering the building. Had they done so, the woman would be a lot easier to ID.

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