I recently spotted a touching tribute page on Facebook honoring late Park Middle School Principal Wilma Burgess. The page is simply called 'In Memory Of Wilma Burgess'

The memories are many and her impact was great and now a group of former students of Park Middle School have started a petition to change the name of Park Middle School to Wilma Burgess Middle school.

Stacy Lee
Stacy Lee

Here are a few memories shared on the page:

Theresa Anne Jack Eggleston writes:

For those that attended Park Middle School, I found out this morning that Wilma Burgess passed away after a lengthy battle with lung cancer. She remained an active community member in the Burbank area in her retirement. She was an icon in so many of our lives. This lady was always put together perfectly and she knew each and every one of us by name. She was known for her beehive hairdo and the snake bracelets that she always wore. And we all loved her.
Rest In Peace Mrs. Burgess.

Kyle Ruby writes:

She was the perfect blend of toughness and tenderness. Every stern talk was followed be a loving look and positive wishes. Even when I was in trouble, I knew she cared about me. I have nothing but fond memories of Mrs. B

and so many more....


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