Kennewick School district has released a statement on how they plan to make up the 7 snow days and the late starts the district has had due to record breaking snow fall in the month of February.


Here's what the School District said in the press release:

We want to thank our community for having patience during the recent school delays and closures due to inclement weather.

It’s never easy to make these decisions and we do our best to prioritize the safety of our students, families and staff on these days.

We are aware that there are forecasts for more snow this week, and we may not be done with all the delays and closures.

So far, there have been three two-hour delays and seven closures due to weather.

The School Board will begin discussing several options to finish the school year and still meet the state requirements at the March 13 meeting.

They could make final decisions as late as the March 27 meeting.

As many of you already know, the Board could apply for a state waiver to the 180-day requirement due to the weather.

If they do apply for the waiver, it means we would lose instructional time.

Even if we do get a waiver of a few days, all districts must meet an average of 1,027 hours for the school year.

Another factor to consider is that if we extend the school year past June 14 to gain instructional time, it means that we would need to hold senior Saturdays in order to keep graduation on June 8.

We realize that many of you want to make your summer plans and we will inform our community as soon as decisions are made.

Thank you once again for your understanding during this time.

-Kennewick School District

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