Four men were taken into custody by police after a conscientious caller noticed something wasn't right at a Pasco office building.
It happened Monday morning as the caller was taking care of the building for a relative, in the 900 block of West Lewis Street.  The building was boarded up.
According to the Pasco Police Department's Facebook page:
When officers met the caller, they learned that the building had been burglarized by pulling off a board and shattering a basement window. The doors inside were forced open, items were damaged, scattered, and missing inside, camping areas had been set up, and the owner’s pickup, parked outside, was heavily damaged, graffitied, ransacked, and a camp had been set up in it. The caller reported that it was all fine two days earlier. He also described seeing someone leaving the damaged pickup as he arrived.
Officers sprang into action. Sharp-eyed Officer Eric Fox located the pickup prowling suspect at nearby Fiesta Foods. Officers Wright, Vargas, Becho, and Christenson began calling people out of the building. Four came out and followed directions. They were arrested. James Jeffrey Dixon (DOB 022864 of Pasco), Anthony James Maricich (DOB 060886 and homeless), Joseph D. Stone (DOB 042576 and homeless), and Scott Joseph Morrison (DOB 051878 of West Richland) were booked into Franklin County Jail on investigative holds for Burglary Second Degree. The prowling suspect, Jeremy Arthur Smith (DOB 021784 of Pasco) was booked for Vehicle Prowling Second Degree, a misdemeanor.
If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Pasco Police Department at 509-628-0333.
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