The international smash FOX-TV hit "LEGO MASTERS" has put out a casting call for would-be contestants to be a part of Season 2. The FOX peeps are looking for, "the most creative, passionate and innovative amateur Lego builders. Are you a Lego brick building genius ready to become a master? Can you create unique and inspirational builds from scratch? Can you tell a story with your Lego builds?"


LEGO MASTERS started in Britain and has had spinoffs in Germany, Australia and now in the U.S.A. Each episode features teams of two building Lego projects from a vast array of bricks and parts to meet both creative and practical goals set by the challenge for a particular episode. The show is hosted and executive produced by Will Arnett, with Lego Group creative designers Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard serving as the show's judges. Various guest stars have also served as hosts and judges.


Go here to start building your LEGO MASTERS dreams.

Legos are timeless and consistent. They are as relevant now as ever, maybe even more so during an eight month plus pandemic. YouTube has made available a cache of episodes from all the different countries that broadcast the show that you can check out and it truly is amazing to witness the creativity and execution of the tasks taking shape.

LM 2 Casting

I loved Legos as a kid, and I still do, I'm partial to most of the Star Wars sets, the Millennium Falcon is my favorite. But my younger brother took Lego loving to a new level and I am convinced he is an mechanical engineer by trade, today, in no small part because of his love of everything Legos and the hours of enjoyment and exploration it brought him.

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