Franklin County District Fire crews are on the scene of a large haystack fire near the end of Elm Road. The fire is expected to burn for the next several days. Flames can be seen from Highway 395 and the area of Juniper Dunes. (A Fire Weather Warning is in effect from Tuesday 5 pm through Wednesday at 8 pm.)

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Franklin County Fire District 5 reports that they were alerted to the fire on Monday at about 9:20 pm.

The flames were threatening the Juniper Dunes Wilderness Area as well as a neighboring haystack. Firefighters were able to protect both areas from the flames, as they quickly got control of the fire.

The loss of hay is estimated at 700 tons and about $150,000.

The cause of the fire remains unknown at this time and does not appear to be suspicious.

You can read more about the haystack fire from our news partners at KEPR Action News here.

Meanwhile, Franklin County Fire District 3 reminds us that the Fire Danger is at EXTREME today.

Credit: Franklin County Fire District 3 Facebook page.
Credit: Franklin County Fire District 3 Facebook page.

Fires can start easily and spread rapidly with our current dry conditions.

A Fire Weather Watch is in effect Tuesday evening into Wednesday evening for:

abundant lightning followed by wind and low relative humidity.

According to the National Weather Service-Pendleton...

A state-wide ban remains in effect for all campfires and charcoal use at Washington State Parks and ocean beaches.

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