Remember that guy who set fire to an aisle in the Richland Fred Meyer back in January?

Well, he's going to spend nearly 4 1/2 years in prison for his act, he set the blaze to cover up and distract from him stealing a Playstation gaming system.

January 26th, the Richland store was filled with smoke and sustained significant damage to at least several aisles and cost millions of dollars after 26-year-old Daniel R. Wright set the blaze.

According to court documents, he did it to cover up his theft of the system, which officials say was going to be traded for heroin. Wright supposedly tried to return some headphones but was denied by workers. He then walked to the back of the store, set the fire, then stole the Playstation and walked out.

He was going to give it to another man for some heroin, but then had that guy drive him to the Benton County Justice center because he had work crew detail, serving time for a separate crime. Wright was wearing the same clothes when he checked in that the alleged arsonist wore when seen on surveillance cameras!

Wright was arrested two days after the incident, it took some time, but finally went to trial and he was convicted, and sentenced Friday December 21st of this year.


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