Friday is National Mutt Day.  And, I don't have a dog.  My co-worker, Rik, has three of them.  I admire his passion in spending time with them.  His eyes light up when he shares stories of how each of them has their own personality.

Growing up in Minnesota, all my friends had dogs.  One friend, Kim W., had an Irish Springer named Casey.  Opening the back door every day, as we arrived home from school would bring uncertainty.  Casey always greeted us with a LOT of spunk.  She would run us over as she made her way out the door into the back yard, to play and take care of business.  Kim and I would inspect the damage Casey had done to the home's interior.  There was always a mess of some sort.  Kim and I would clean up Casey's mess.

Years later, living in an apartment complex in Pennsylvania, pets were welcome in the community.  My husband and I were several hundred miles away from home and missed his family's dogs.  I saw an ad in a small newspaper, "Free to Good Home, Puppies."  I called my husband, who was at work.  "I'm going to look at some puppies."

I learned later that he informed his co-workers, "Patti just got us a dog."  He was right.  I came home with a mutt.  He was covered in fleas.  My neighbor helped me bathe the poor pup.  My husband, Jeff arrived home, and we played with the dog.  We named him Davey.  Davey was trouble.  He destroyed things.  He ruined my shoes, headphones, and chewed a hole in our waterbed mattress.  Walks became the norm.  Long walks, twice daily.  Davey was our boy.  He LOVED the snow.  Davey was with us for a total of fifteen years.  I miss him.


Friday is National Mutt Day.  Enjoy your mutt.  Extra love and treats are mandatory.

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