What initially began as a $4,000 goal has now reached in excess of $20,000 and keeps growing!  The community support has been massive and is continuing.

The owner of Just Joel's in Kennewick is hosting a fundraiser to help local children in need.

Joel Watson is raising funds to purchase headsets for local children who will use them for distance learning.

The fundraiser is gaining more support from citizens and local businesses, including Mutant Printing & Promotions who donated and printed 100 shirts for the Facebook fundraiser, Beats By Joel.

Other local businesses lending their support include Hot Mess Burgers and Fries, Tri-Cities Ciderhouse, Dreamhaven Creative, and Tumbleweeds.

Steve Lee, co-owner of Green2Go, C2G Wellness, and Prohibition Glass has vowed to match up to $5,000 in donations.

In a Facebook post, Watson says, "It's the next generation.  I wanna help them the most.  If just one kid's future doesn't become my past, it'll all have been worth it...we're in this together."

You can make a donation here.

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