The Best Co-Worker

Naomi was working at Best Buy about 11 years ago, when one of her coworkers the absolute kindest, sweetest man passed away while on a trip. He had fallen from a balcony and died on the way to the hospital. The entire staff was hit pretty hard by his death. His name was Joe and lit up any room he’d enter. Joe always had a smile and a hug for anyone who needed one. After his death, Naomi was walking through the dorms at Yakima Valley College. There are small courtyards with windows on every level. She happened to look across the courtyard and she could have sworn she saw Joe standing across the courtyard wearing a white hoodie with some writing on it. He was standing there smiling at her. She stared for a few minutes and then turned to her friend. She asked what was wrong and when Naomi looked back and he was gone. She walked through the halls looking for him but nobody was there. There weren't many people around during that time, like the only people in the building were the ones who stayed behind for work and the staff. Naomi knew everyone in the building. There was nobody there who looked like Joe. She truly believes he had come to say goodbye. She's always wanted to tell his family about that encounter, but also didn’t know any of them and didn’t want to freak them out.

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That Smile Though

I used to work with a wonderful women named Donna, she was the afternoon DJ on KXDD until she retired. We didn't see each other anymore so I was so happy to run into her at the grocery store. We had a great catch-up and just like life, little did I know that would be the last time we would get to speak. She passed suddenly and from time to time I would think of her and her huge heart. A while passed and I was invited to church, my friend Kandice's kids were getting baptized. She took them into the back to get ready and I settled in for the service when all of a sudden, I saw Donna. Sitting in front of me, I couldn't stop staring. She turned around and gave me the biggest smile and I just knew she was saying hi from Heaven. I teared up a little at the special moment, I couldn't deny what I saw and it made me so happy ~ Sarah J

Outside the Gear Jammer

What's the Deal with the Bathroom?

Kimberly was a bartender at the Gear Jammer and closing at night was super weird. Just like Jordan, who worked nights, she would hear voices in the bathroom, go check and no one was around. She knew she had locked them, knew no one was in there but either way she checked again just to be sure. There were spots around the building where she would get goosebumps and her hair would stand up on end. Kimberly finally got to the point where she would just start talking out loud to whatever was there. She would say things like, "if it's a person in here, I will be kicking you out!" and, "If it's something else, I'm just doing my job, but I feel you and your presence, you do you and I'll do me." Eventually she got to the point where she would wrap-up everything and say out loud, "Well, I'm going home and have a good night!"

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