It is a family's worst nightmare, and if you are able to assist it would be greatly appreciated.

As news continues to spread about what took place at Travis Scott's AstroWorld Festival this past Friday, the sad fact is eight people have passed away and one of those lives lost from the family, is from the Yakima Valley.

His family is in desperate need of our help and here's what you can do

According to the Go Fund Me

Axel who also goes by Antonio went missing on 11/5/21 he had gone to the Travis Scott concert in Texas and we weren’t able been able to get a hold of him since at 5pm on 11/5/21. His phone was found in the lost and found at the Concert and he hasn't checked back into his hotel room. We have been making calls non stop to figure out where he might have been. We had made a Facebook post that was shared tremendously and we were able to get a lot more information from our locals then the police itself. We have called to identify his body but do to us being out of state we can not do anything until they run fingerprints. We are desperately trying to get the first flight available to head to Texas to bring him back home and be with his family. If anyone is willing to donate it would be greatly appreciated.

The funds will be used for the flight to Houston Texas and will be used to cover funeral expenses.

Prayers and positive thoughts are being sent to everyone involved in this devastating situation.

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