This is such a 2014 solution to a problem.  People are frustrated that golf is hard.  So do we practice and take lessons and work on our game like millions of people before us?  Nope.  We demand that golf gets easier for us.

Golf courses in the U.S. and Canada are tripling the size of their holes to make golf easier.  They hope it'll lead to better scores and faster games, which will keep people playing and interested.

There are about five million fewer people playing golf in the U.S. today than there were 10 years ago . . . and this is the best plan to get them back or find new players to replace them.

A traditional golf hole has a diameter that's four-and-a-half inches.  About 100 courses in North America have widened their holds up to eight, 12, or even 15 inches.

Believe it or not, the PGA is behind this.  Ted Bishop is the president of the PGA . . . he says, quote, "We've got to stop scaring people away from golf by telling them that there's only one way to play the game."

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