What was initially solely a health precaution has become a fashion accessory that will be long-remembered as the most important iconography of the COVID-19 era. I'm talking of course, about face masks.

Wearing these in public isn't necessarily a new thing. People have worn them in densely-populated, densely-polluted megacities for years. Beijing would be the first to come to mind. After the spread of coronavirus, more and more cities across the world are seeing face masks hit the streets.

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In a time of uncertainty of what the world will look like in the new future, the face mask has become a symbol and has even begun to appear in art.

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Some people have begun to turn their masks into art themselves.

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Whether you're going for a punk-rock vibe, zombie apocalypse aesthetic, or you've turned your old Seahawks t-shirt into something more useful (I kid, I kid), we want to see how you're protecting yourself while still looking cool. We want to showcase the coolest masks in the Columbia Basin! If this sounds like something you want to be apart of, you can send us a photo on our app, or shoot me an email.

Stay safe, stay home, and stay stylish! Thanks to our sister station for this wonderful idea!

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