Ever wanted to own a whole town? Well, if you’ve got a few million to spare, you can buy Woodside, Utah — because it’s for sale.

The 700-acre town of Woodside is about three hours from Salt Lake City, and although it’s now abandoned, it had roughly 300 residents in the early 1900s when it was a water stop for steam engines.

It boasts a geyser, an old gold mine, a service station, a few free-range llamas, and some interesting lore: historians believe Butch Cassidy and his gang once used a neighboring area as a hideout.

You get all this and more for an asking price of just $3.9 million.

The town’s 63-year-old owner, Roy Pogue, is selling Woodside because he can’t take care of the land anymore and says his wife “likes people and we didn’t have neighbors out there.”

“You can be the sheriff, the judge and executioner of your own town,” joked real estate agent Mike Metzger. “You can be mayor. You can be whatever you want. It would be amazing.”