Washington State Governor Jay Inslee is begging Washingtonians to get prepared for a mega Earth Quake in the near future

According to a recent report Gov. Inslee is asking all Washingtonians to stock a basic emergency kit as well as water and food rations.

Here's the scary facts that were released in the report:

A quake will happen--in fact it's actually overdue. There is no way to know when it will strike, but we do know that the Cascadia fault erupts on average every 243 years. It's been 315 years since the last eruption, making our region 73 years overdue. Experts put the odds of a major quake here in the next 50 years at one in three. There is, however, a 100% chance of another major earthquake occuring here at some point, which is why officials are preaching preparation to residents.

get this KIT

Stacy Lee

"A basic emergency kit in homes, in cars, in offices, is absolutely essential for everybody who lives (here),” said WA Governor Jay Inslee on Tuesday, speaking to media as emergency responders and soldiers executed a megaquake reponse drill this week. Its the largest seismic event drill ever to be ran in the Pacific Northwest, and comes in response to local calls to prepare. As he speaks, flanked by military officials, he points to a two-story building, saying that tsuanami waves would be even higher.

The region-wide drill is called Cascadia Rising, and it is designed to test regional preparedness for a giant, costal earthquake of 8-9 magnitude. FEMA projects that nearly 13,000 people will die in a Cascadia earthquake and tsunami. Another 27,000 will be injured, and the agency expects it will need to provide shelter for 1 million displaced people, and food and water for another 2.5 million. That would make Hurricane Katrina or Sandy look very tame in comparison.