Julien’s Auctions, the company that is auctioning off items from Michael Jackson‘s rented Beverly Hills mansion, have removed Michael Jackson’s headboard from the list of items up for sale. Although it was initially reported that Jackson’s entire death bed was up for sale, the auction house assures that the carved headboard from the bed was the only item that people were going to be allowed to bid on.

The auction house pulled the headboard from the bidding list at the request of Jackson’s estate, according to the Associated Press. “This item is the only portion of the bed that had been listed for auction, and no part of the bed remains for sale,” Julien’s Auctions president Darren Julien said Tuesday (Nov. 15).

Although the headboard is no longer up for auction, fans of the King of Pop can still place bids on several objects from Jackson’s last residence at 100 North Carolwood Drive in Beverly Hills. According to the AP’s report, some of the objects still up for sale are “antique furnishings, oil and watercolor paintings and other effects, including a chalkboard with a message from one of Jackson’s children that reads, “I (heart) Daddy.”

Julien went on the explain that the mattress from Jackson’s death bed “was never included in the auction and, in fact, is the property of The Estate of Michael Jackson.” That’s a relief, because it was really disturbing to think that someone would actually want to purchase the mattress, which is a reminder of Jackson’s untimely death and lost battle with propofol addiction.

“Michael Jackson has played a major part in the history of Julien’s Auctions and we would never do anything that is not in the best interests of Michael’s children, his mother or the Estate. We will always honor these requests,” Julien went on to say. “We want all of our events involving items associated with Michael Jackson to be a good experience for everyone and a celebration of his life and career.”

Julien’s Auction also sold items from Jackson’s Neverland ranch in the past, and they also auctioned off one of the entertainer’s sparkly gloves back in 20o9, raking in roughly $400,000 for the bedazzled hand covering.

A free exhibit of the auction items from MJ’s Beverly Hills home will be held at the company’s headquarters in the same California city beginning on Dec. 12. The actual auction is set to take place on Dec. 17.

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