The Mid Columbia Meals on Wheels has reported one of their Van's has been stolen from their Fowler Street campus. The theft of the van was discovered yesterday by volunteers

In case you don't know what Meals on Wheels is...It's a meal delivery service for homebound Senior Citizens

Melas on Wheels currently serves nearly 700 meals each weekday. About a third of the meals are served to diners at our eight dining centers, with the remainder being delivered to home-bound clients throughout Benton and Franklin Counties.

This story really infuriates me as I used to be a volunteer for Meals on Wheels...It takes a certain kind of loser to steal from the elderly..Help find this van, please!

meals on wheels

The Post Reads:

STOLEN VAN!! If you see our '98 Meals on Wheels van, please let us know immediately. It was stolen during the night from our Fowler Street campus. We use this older van for food pick-ups at Second Harvest, and it's our backup when our main vans are out of commission. We appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you! (License #B91777W)

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