You may remember a few months ago that the Tri-Cities Meals on Wheels van was stolen? Well, there is a more salacious component to this story... was it used to transport a large payload of marijuana to the Seattle area? 

The van was stolen 2 months ago and was recovered trashed and abandoned in the Seattle area. When we say trashed the van was found in an impound yard and was missing its brake lights, turn signals, and $5,000 worth of equipment. Not only that, there was evidence including dirt leaves and a strong odor of marijuana inside the van leading authorities to believe it was stolen to transport a large quantity of marijuana to Seattle.

Workers for Mid Columbia MEals on WHeels have spent countless hours scraping paint off the windows and airing it out to hopefully making the van usable again. The van is used to deliver 600 meals to homebound senior citizens each day.

The case is still under investigation and the van should be ready and back in service soon....

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