It's the biggest shopping time of the year and more and more packages are arriving on your doorstep and some of them could go missing.

Package Theft is on the rise during the holiday season and here's a few tricks to keep those packages safe.

The Kennewick Police Department posted a few tips on their Facebook page and some shocking statistics about package theft during the holidays.

We are coming into the biggest shopping time of the year and it also the time when package theft increases drastically. With the increase of shopping online, there is a jump in shipping through the various shipping services. The national reports say that nearly a third of Americans were victim of some kind of package theft in 2017. Here in the City of Kennewick even police officers have been victims of this crime, but the Kennewick Police Department would like to offer some options on reducing the chances of being a victim.

You can change the location of the package delivery to your work (if ok with your employer) or to a location that has a secure package drop off. You can request signature on delivery so that the package will not be left there if is no one there to sign for it. There are options of package “boxes”, a secure place at your residence to drop of packages as well as larger mail slots to drop off these items.

A big deterrent to theft of package is also video cameras/surveillance cameras. The Kennewick Police Department has been assisted many times in solving these thefts with help from devices like video doorbell systems. The video footage allows KPD to identify the suspects and solve other possible crimes when they are caught in the act on camera.

This shopping season is only going to get busier and if you shop online this will mean more packages being shipped. Kennewick Citizens if these options are available to you please take some time to protect yourself and your packages.

There's a few tips to keep your packages safe from theft and hopefully nothing will happen to yours this holiday season.

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