I recently found a Facebook group called All About Tri-Cities and folks are posting about all sorts of good stuff around these parts. Naturally, when I saw someone asking about the best Mexican food and that it already had 128 comments, I had to absorb!

Isn't it crazy that you can live somewhere for years and years and never experience it all. Even in a small area like Tri-Cities, a person can live here all their life and never visit every restaurant. That's because people like what they know. And if you don't branch out and try new things, you'll never find a new favorite.

El Fat Cat, for example. I've heard about this place a thousand times and never been there. WHY WHY WHY? Hell, I don't know. I got comfortable with my usual spots and never change, so I'm guilty of not branching out. (BTW, as I type this, my wife is looking at the El Fat Cat menu, so the branch is about to grow!)

Here's what folks are saying about their favorite Mexican food in the Tri, and some of the comments on the All About Tri-Cities Facebook page are about good Mexican food stores to get delicious fixins' for taco night at home.

El Fat Cat in Kennewick on Edison gets a bunch of mentions.

Hacienda del Sol in Pasco on Rd. 68.

INCA, Kiko's and Chapala (express or orig), I've been to these and love them. I think Fiesta is pretty good, too. El Sazon gets good mentions on the Facebook group. Haven't been there in a while but like them a lot.

Pinky, who is very popular on social media especially when it comes to food says:

Inside FIESTA grocery next to Pasco Griggs

115 S 10th Ave
on Columbia Drive
They have a giant fresh cooked deli section...hands down the best pulled pork carnitas...buy burritos, meals, tacos fresh or by the pound...and shop is the clean well stocked friendly store...
Avoid 5:00-6 very busy...
I've been wanting to try Isla Bonita (maybe because of the Madonna song LOL) so I was glad to see that they got several positive mentions.
Thanks to Kristina who commented with a plethora of Mexican goodness:

Mexico Lindó in Pasco, La Michoacán in Pasco, Fiesta Foods in Pasco, Willy’s in Pasco
Los Palominos in Pasco, Inside of SuperMex in Pasco, Rancho Meat Market as well as their Taco Truck in Pasco. Garibaldo’s in Pasco. Azteca’s in Kennewick and El Mirador in Pasco. Best Mexican food is in Pasco!
Everyone's comments are worth seeing on the All About Tri-Cities Facebook group.
Happy eating and I'll take your hottest salsa, please!

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