Some lucky doggies and their people in Hermiston are counting down the days to the area's newest attraction, a DOG PARK!

The grand unveiling of the Bark Park is scheduled for Friday, March 26th at 4 pm. Everyone is invited to attend the ribbon-cutting and bring your four-legged friends to participate in the "Doggies Got Talent Show."

Paws Off Obedience will host a clinic on commands and dog obedience. Paws Off offers dog owners and their pooches lessons through the Hermiston Parks and Recreation Department. Puppy classes from 10 weeks old to 6 months and older are available. The classes are 6 weeks long running from April through October. If you're interested in having your pooches learn some manners, it may worth your time.

In any case, the reason for this post is a party for the pups on Friday, March 26th. All the fun starts at 4 pm at the Bark Park located at 1245 Northwest 7th Street in Hermiston.

Credit: Hermiston Parks & Recreation
Credit: Hermiston Parks & Recreation

For more information and the official invite, click here.

As a former dog owner, I only wished that there was a dog park in my neighborhood. There was a beach several miles away, where all the pups could frolic freely. We never visited, because we were uncertain as to how Davey would react. Whenever we encountered another pup on our morning and evening walks, Davey always let out a BIG bark. I guess he was letting them know that he was as big as his bark. See for yourself.

Davey & Jeff

We miss Davey. Do you know if there's a dog park in Richland? If so, it may be time for this dog lover to rescue a pup. You can answer on the app below.

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