Sometimes when I walk by a homeless or vagrant person I wonder what is going on? do they have a mental disorder? what brought them to this point? are they violent? are they really homeless or just a scammer?

Either way it doesn't really matter what I think...what matters is what I do.

I saw a Facebook post from local Hermiston Resident Rolando (Rolo) Hernadez which sparked this blog about Dean.

First off I would like to say Dean is NOT a dangerous person in his good episodes, he has schizophrenia and has his moments, so please approach him with caution. a regular customer here at Quickstop came by to drop off a donation for Dean, which we accept and when he comes through he will take it with him, this customer had been turned away by Dean and felt like she had done something wrong and she did not. He simply didn’t know her and at the time did not feel like accepting her noodles. This does not mean you can not help, we at the 395 Quickstop will take your donations for Dean. He needs the small camp propane bottles and some soup/noodles. He also does love his Cheeto puffs and Pepsi. There are other places around town that the staff has become friends with Dean as well, Thank you from Dean, to the people of Hermiston.


Here is a post from 395 quick stop about Dean:

Hello Hermiston This is Junior From
395 Quick Stop with An Update From Our Friend Dean. After talking To Him For A While Tonight,
I Found Out A Couple Facts. He Enjoys Chicken Noodle Soup in his current situation only able to warm it up with small propane bottles it sounded like he has been out for a while if someone has some to donate feel free to drop them off at our store he comes by every day to our store and blankets are all used to keep him warm at night maybe some hand warmers or feet warmers would help it feels great to do good make sure you like and share this.  if you come across anyone who needs something warm let them know they can stop by for a free coffee to warm up anytime this month

Bottom line: maybe we should take the time to get to know someone, be patient, kind and  be the person that can make a really never know what is going on in someones life. Good job Hermiston! thanks for taking care of your own. QUICKSTOP you are rock-stars! keep up the good work.

BTW: negative trolls can keep opinions to themselves.

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