Who Is The Highest Paid Washington State Public Employee?

Have you ever wondered what your co-worker makes? If you work for a private company, the odds are that you don't know their salary but if you work for Washington State, it's all public record.


Do Washington State Employees Deserve To Make Millions Of Dollars?

As a kid I was taught it was rude to talk about your salary but sometimes curiosity just gets too much and sometimes you just want to know if you are being fairly paid.

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If you work for Washington State and are a government employee, your salary is public knowledge and easily searchable in a massive database.

If you have ever wondered what your teacher makes, it is easy to look it up in this database here.


So here's what you really came here for.

The highest-paid Washington State public employee might surprise you...drum roll, please!

The highest-paid public employee in Washington State is often the head football coach of the University of Washington or Washington State University. Yep, college athletics take the majority of the cake.

If you go through the database, Head Coach of The University Of Washington Kalen Deboer is the current highest-paid public employee in the state of Washington.

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Deboer makes a whopping $3.3 million a year from the taxpayers of Washington State.

Interestingly enough, the top 4 highest-paid public employees with salaries that range from $3 to $1 million a year are the football and basketball coaches at the University of Washington.

So if you ever wondered who's the highest-paid salaried public worker in Washington State, now you know, and after all that I bet you weren't surprised after all were you?

You can check out more salaries here.

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