We all remember the show "Home Improvement" from the '90s, it starred Tim Allen as Tim Taylor along with his wife Jill and three boys. It looks like one of the boys has been arrested in Oregon.

The story was reported over the weekend and Zachary Ty Bryan, who played older son Brad, has been accused of trying to strangle his girlfriend.

Bryan, who resides in Eugene Oregon now faces assault charges from the incident.

credit: eugene police department
credit: eugene police department

According to reports, Bryan was arrested and taken into custody after a report that he strangled his girlfriend after she tried to call 911 with her cellphone.

Police arrived on the scene to find Bryan in one apartment and the girlfriend at a neighbors place.

Bryan was placed under arrest on suspicion of strangulation in the 4th degree and interfering with a police report.

At this writing, Bryan has been released from jail and awaits his court date. You can read more about the story here.

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