One of the coolest (or hottest) parts of the River of Fire Festival July 4 in Columbia Park (presented by HAPO Community Credit Union) is a fireworks display shot from the middle of one of America's great rivers.

To accomplish this large task it takes a lot of people, equipment and expertise. Over the next two weeks we'll take a look at the different aspects of providing the largest fireworks show in Eastern Washington.

You'll find out about equipment like the barge. We will answer questions like how much equipment will Lampson Crane put onto the barge and how many days it will take. Also find out how the folks at Desert Valley Power Sports boats keep the fireworks crew fed and supplied in the middle of the river.

Let's start with the cost and why it's so important to have great partners like HAPO.  Paying for fireworks is more than just turning over a check. The insurance for just the barge alone cost almost $10,000. If you were to rent the barge and tug for the time needed for do the River of Fire it would cost more than the Insurance and having a partner like Tidewater makes the event possible.

The cost of the dock by the Port of Pasco, Lampson Crane, Moon Security as well as marine patrols by the Benton and Franklin County Sheriff departments are also an important part of the process. Without donations by these and other businesses and agencies the fireworks would not happen.



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