Several wildfires continue to burn out of control in many western states, including the Evergreen state.  Nearly 80% of the small town of Malden was destroyed by fire Monday.  High winds in Oregon are also continuing to fuel flames there.

In a post of Facebook today, Walla Walla County Emergency Management reminds us that the best way to help is to donate.  However, this can get out of control, too.

It's not uncommon for donations to overwhelm a community after a disaster, creating a disaster within a disaster, requiring donations management where resources are already stretched thin. For that reason, it is recommended that a donation to an organization that is assisting with the response is the most practical gift.

The American Red Cross is helping many state-wide locations by offering shelter to evacuated families and providing meals to first responders, as well.

As COVID-19 restrictions are being enforced, some shelters are not necessarily operating at central locations.  So, hotel rooms must be used for shelter.

The organization has recommended that the best way to help victims who have lost possessions due to wildfires is by donating to the American Red Cross.

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