I'm not a huge fan of upgrading immediately to the latest and greatest gadget for a couple of reasons: 1. It's expensive, and 2. Sometimes there are glitches.

Also, upgrading to the latest cellphone typically means you'll have a monthly phone payment added to your bill, unless you're up for paying nearly $1,000 outright for the phone. My wife and I JUST paid off our iPhone 8 plus phones ... this is after 18 months of $24 per month per phone.

So why did we upgrade? Why would we bypass the two reasons I listed above and go back to making phone payments again?

Well, we switched providers to take advantage of a special. That special saved us money on our monthly phone bill AND got us the iPhone 11 for FREE. The only catch for the free iPhone 11 was that we had to trade in our old iPhone 8 pluses. Done!

We opted to upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro, which has a monthly payment of $12.50 with the trade-in. Not too bad of a deal for a brand-new iPhone. (Payment would be $41.67 a month without the trade-in).

We just got the new iPhones in the mail yesterday and I can't put it down. It's smaller than the 8 Plus, and the camera is awesome. There are three lenses, which represent different zooms -- .5, 1x and 2. So basically you can use the zoom lens and not have to deal with pixelation.


There is also a "Memoji" feature, which I believe is also on the iPhone X, but I'm having a blast using myself as an emoji.

TSM/Gunner iPhone Screenshot

I'm not getting paid for my review, just a happy iPhone 11 Pro customer at this point. If you'd like to know more about which provider is offering the special, drop me an email (Gunner@929TheBull.com) or hit me up on Facebook.

Here's more with the Memoji feature on the phone.