The owners of Ray's Golden Lion have been debating what to do for months. The decision has now been made.

The Uptown Center landlord has evicted Ray's Golden Lion and put their stuff out on the curb Thursday afternoon. They are out, gone, done, closed, evicted.

The debate was whether to continue as a restaurant or transition into a night club or continue as a hybrid. The owner's son was running the night club/concert venue (similar to Emerald of Siam on the other side of the Uptown).

As a restaurant, Ray's was one of the longest-running, continuously-operated restaurants in the Tri-Cities. Only the Cable Bridge Zip's was older.

I know many, many people who appreciated Ray's for supporting local bands and bringing acts to Tri-Cities that otherwise would have no venue to perform.

It has definitely been an asset to the Tri-Cities and we will remember Ray's Golden Lion fondly.

It will be interesting to see if another restaurant takes its place. With "Luke's Bar & Grill" opening where City Buffet used to be on GW Way, and the new bar & grill opening across from the Richland Fire Station, and the fast-food joint opening behind it, plus all the great new offerings in the Parkway, and the two new restaurants opening at Columbia Point... it will be interesting to see if more restaurants are needed in Richland.