It's been around as long as the famous Miner's restaurant in Yakima and sadly a fire claimed the iconic Stop and Go in Yakima last night.

The burger joint was located at 2820 Fruitvale Ave in Yakima and was heavily damaged as a result of a fire Thursday morning.

According to the Yakima Fire Department:

"Yakima Firefighters arrived on scene at about 11:45 am Thursday, July 18th, black smoke was coming from the drive-in’s roof.

YFD crews initially took a defensive approach to fighting the fire due to concern about the stability of the drive-in’s roof.

Once it was confirmed that the roof was stable enough, YFD crews initiated a more aggressive attack, including extinguishing the fire from inside the drive-in building.

The drive-in was closed at the time of the fire.  No employees or customers were at the Stop and Go when the fire started.

The estimated value of the drive-in is $115,000.  The initial cost of the damage done by the Thursday morning fire is estimated to be $115,000.

Approximately 16 YFD firefighters were on scene responding to the fire.




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