More details are coming out about a strange, fog-shrouded chase and death that occurred shortly after 3am Monday morning in northwest Franklin County.

Around 3am Deputies responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle prowling the area near Sagemoor and Hollingsworth Roads. Deputies, according to reports, scoured the area but did not directly find a vehicle at that scene. Sheriff Jim Raymond said it's likely the three were on patrol in the general area, and chose to all respond at the same time.

As they were searching, they spotted a car driven by Dante Redmond Jones traveling at a very high rate of speed. Officials say the Deputies didn't know at the time if he was the alleged suspect vehicle, but when they attempted to pull him over, he sped up. After going over 80 MPH, he slowed until he crashed into an orchard off Sagehill and Wahlike Roads, followed by at least one Deputy vehicle, who followed him into the area.

Sheriff Raymond said in a press conference he does not conclusively know if guns were used or shots fired by Jones or the Deputies, but according to dispatcher reports, Deputies say Jones was trying to brake check them, possibly trying to also hit their cars. Deputies also were heard reporting "shots fired, suspect has been hit, he is still continuing  northbound." 

Unconfirmed reports also indicated Jones was possibly trying to hit officers themselves with his car, but no specifics of that allegation have been confirmed.

When the chase ended in the orchard, Deputies reported "suspect down" and that an ambulance was needed. They also reportedly said "one detained. He's got multiple gunshot wounds."

The entire incident lasted only about 9 minutes, according to logs. The chase began around 3:14AM and ended at 3:23AM. Deputies administered CPR to Jones until the ambulance arrived, he died on his way to the hospital.

Sheriff Raymond released information about the three Deputies involved, and says the Tri-Cities SIU (Special Investigative Unit) is handling the situation. The officers involved are listed below:

Franklin County Sheriff
Franklin County Sheriff


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