A Facebook friend posted today their daughter in law got a call from the IRS saying there was a warrant out for their arrest for tax evasion and police were on their way but they would take payment over the phone. Several other Mid Columbia residents replied that they'd gotten the SAME CALL!

1. The IRS never calls

2. The scammer says they've been trying to reach you for months. The IRS knows where you're at better than your mother.

3. The IRS will never demand payment through pre-paid cards

But call people stupid all you want, some very intelligent folks are falling for it because the scammers are very convincing. Some are receiving calls from "the police" shortly after hanging up with the "IRS."

My very good friend in Utah fell for this. The same involved several people calling at different times with great performances. She was convinced an error had been made and police were on their way. She gave them their entire savings (and the down payment for the home they were saving for) worth $16,000. She was a mom home with kids and thought she had no other choice.