If you see aluminum foil strips around Kennewick City Parks, beware that these strips could be dangerous! 

I know nothing about drugs but apparently, aluminum foil strips could contain fentanyl.

Kennewick Police came across several of these strips in a Kennewick city park and are now warning people to take extra caution if they come across foil strips like this in city parks.

Here are the details from a Kennewick Police posting:

One of our officers was in a City of Kennewick park to check on an abandoned vehicle. He noticed aluminum foil strips that were being blown down the street and into the grass area where children frequently play.

You will see in the photograph that there are black burnt lines on the foil. These lines are the result of narcotics users smoking fentanyl pills (street name: mexi’s, blues).

credit: kennewick police department
credit: kennewick police department


This can leave residue on the aluminum foil and small amounts can be extremely dangerous. According to the report, KPD officers took some time to walk through the area and collected the pieces of foil.

KPD posted additional links and information to the DEA's website concerning fentanyl https://www.dea.gov/resources/facts-about-fentanyl

It's just a word of warning that if you come across these aluminum foil strips in the park, they can be dangerous to animals and children. You can check out more details on the case here.

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