A person believed to be under the influence was struck by three different vehicles Monday night on Route 240 in Kennewick.

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Washington State Patrol released a statement reporting the pedestrian was standing on the entrance ramp around 10:56 pm, as three vehicles were traveling westbound on the highway from the Edison Street on-ramp.

The victim was initially hit by a Toyota Camry driven by a 19-year old Kennewick driver. The teen is not facing any charges in the collision.

The pedestrian got up and ran back into the roadway and was struck by two other vehicles. A Mercedes-Benz sedan driven by a 32-year old Kennewick man. Then the pedestrian was hit by a 34-year old Richland woman in a Chevy Malibu. The woman called Police to report the collisions.

WSP has not revealed any information about the pedestrian. The person was transported to Kadlec Regional Medical Center for evaluation.

Charges are pending against the pedestrian.

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