Someone posted to Facebook yesterday:

One of my professors referred to Chiawana High School as Chimichanga High... Three times. I can't decide if that's kinda racist or flippin' hilarious coming from a white guy...

Most of the comments on the post said it was funny and decried political correctness. Only one or two said it was racist. What do you think?

I think it's kind of a tough question. I personally think it is racist, but only because he was a professor in front of a class. If it was my uncle or neighbor, I would say it was politically incorrect at best, distasteful at worst. But what if the professor is known for a sense humor that frequently includes mispronouncing words on purpose? What if his wife or foster parents are Hispanic, so he feels comfortable making off-color jokes?

The question really makes you ponder the definition of humor and the definition of racism.

I think the best defense for this kind of humor is that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. Laughing keeps us healthy and happy. When the joke is on you, laugh along and count your blessings. But a mean joke is never funny. Leave a comment below about what you think.

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