Remember when you saw "Inception" and thought, "Man, thank God people can't really enter my dreams and plant false memories in my head!"  Then you sat back for the next two hours totally confused. Well . . . nobody panic, but scientists just performed a successful inception .

It was only on a mouse . . . but how long until they take what they learned and use it to create fake memories in our brains?

Scientists at MIT delivered a shock to mice, and found where mice created the memory of the moment in their brains.  Then, they were able to move around a few neurons to make the mice think the shocks happened in a different location.

They say that the way humans form memories is the same way mice form memories.  There's no time-frame on when they might be able to mess with human memories . . . but "Inception" really could happen sooner than we think.

Of course, there are all sorts of ethical dilemmas in making false memories.  But we'll deal with that when we have to, right?


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