Some say that there might still be a secret laboratory inside Rattlesnake Mountain. It could be true. This is why it might've existed in the past.

You know Rattlesnake Mountain right?

Is There A Secret Laboratory Inside Rattlesnake Mountain?

It's the massive mountain outside of Richland out on the Hanford site. Its elevation is 3,531 feet and you could easily hide a secret laboratory inside the mountain.

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I'm not sure where the rumor got started but I'm sure with the top-secret Hanford site during World War II being located here, rumors started swirling.

Here's Why A Secret Laboratory Might Exist Inside Rattlesnake Mountain

What makes the notion plausible is the fact that there was once a missile base located on the south-eastern side of the mountain. It was installed in 1943 but dismantled in 1958.

It makes perfect sense that when the government seized the land to appropriate it to Hanford for nuclear research, that they drilled into the side of the building for a secret laboratory.

Remember The Rattlesnake Mountain Observatory?

Another reason people would believe that a secret laboratory exists is that for several decades, the mountain had The Rattlesnake Mountain Observatory on its summit. The Observatory was installed on the land in 1966.

The telescope was once the largest permanently mounted telescope in Washington State. It was heavily used in the 1980s but soon became unused for several decades after that.

What Happened To The Rattlesnake Mountain Observatory?

The Rattlesnake Mountain Observatory was dismantled in 2008 due to the fact that the Department of Energy wanted to return the mountain to its natural state and conditions.

The Observatory was moved to the hills of Wallula, Washington so the telescope is still active and operational.

Back to Rattlesnake Mountain and the odds of a secret laboratory. I'd say in the early days of Hanford it might've been a maybe but with today's technology I doubt it exists.

Here's why:

Have You Ever Taken The Reactor B Tour?

I've taken the Reactor B tour (a must tour) if you are fascinated by the history of Hanford and Michelle our tour guide informed us that there really isn't much mystery on what's on the Hanford site these days.

Foreign Countries along with the US have infrared satellites from space that can see through anything so according to Michelle, there really aren't any secrets if a foreign company really wanted to see what's going on on the Hanford site.

Odds Are Slim That There Really Is A Secret Laboratory In Rattlesnake Mountain

I do love the idea of something secretive going on inside Rattlesnake Mountain but the odds are pretty slim that there is anything besides a bunch of rock and dirt inside Rattlesnake Mountain...but hey, you never know...right?

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