Dead skunks in the middle of the road and a giant skunk that lives under our radio station's sales office make me feel like we are experiencing a skunk invasion. Maybe it's just my route to work, but have you seen more skunks than usual lately? I've seen several crossing the road on my way to work (and live to tell about it)!

Many times when I arrive at the radio station long before the sun comes up, I'll see this rather large skunk (giant, actually) race into his hiding spot under our sales office. We used to have some feral cats under there but the skunk must have moved them out.

A couple of weeks ago we were treated to his aromatherapy as he decided to spray the area. Something must have scared him and thankfully it wasn't one of our staff members.

So I decided to look into the things that attract skunks and I found this article on

It turns out skunks love a good place to hide, so don't give them one! Clear away any debris from around your house and make sure there are no cubby holes. Old tires or an upside-down kayak or canoe would be perfect to attract skunks.

Skunks are also attracted to the smell of food. It could be your garbage or even the crumbles from treats you give your dog outside. Skunks especially love cat food. If you have skunks around, it might be because they are enjoying your bird feeders or the oily smell your outdoor BBQ.

All I know is that if I were to get sprayed, there wouldn't be enough tomato juice in the world to fix my wagon at that point!

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