Richland Police executed a search warrant on a vehicle over New Year's and discovered packages stolen from several people's front porches.

They are now looking for the rightful owners so if you are missing any packages, check the photos below

Richland Police recovered the following items:

-Code Names games
-Captain America bobble head
-Two bicycle helmets
-Three children's growth charts
-Rogue River Tactical USA flag hitch cover
-Four Ketogenic Instant Coffees
-Comfy Moda women's boots
-Nunn Bush Comfort Gel men's shoes
-Wood Table Easel Oil Painting Kit
-Two license plate frames
-Children's solar system wooden puzzle
-Adventures of Weston and Owen children's book
-Snowman gift packaging kit
-Forensic Science learning kit
-Lily's Home Metal Clock
-Formula 1 and Mindful Living calendars
-Girls jewelry box
-Harry Potter Proclamation No.30 door mat
-Lazy One Dog Flannel
-Pendleton button down shirt and scarf
-Red TOG Shop button down shirt
-Size 2XL Women's Boutique blouse
-Dad Joke Loading tee shirt
-Blue short sleeve turtle neck shirt
-multiple doll clothing

They also took into safe keeping from the vehicle was a West Point Cadet Sword that appeared to be "borrowed". If you recognize any of the items pictured as being yours, please contact Officer Swanson or Officer Hayter at (509) 628-0333.

Seized Porch Pirate Packages

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