New Survey Says That Washington State Is Highly Overrated, Do You Agree?

My son recently got into a discussion about gas prices and he was wondering why there was such a drastic cost difference between Washington and Idaho gas prices.


Americans Have Mixed Opinions About Washington State - Good And Bad

I had to remind him that each state taxes their gas differently hence the price difference. As a true Washingtonian, born and raised, I'm a little biased because I love our state.

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A new survey about Washington State is a mixed bag for respondents.

The survey by Clever, a real estate data company, along with a collaboration with Allied Van Lines, one of the world's largest moving companies, found that Washington is the 5th-most overrated state in the country, according to our survey of 1,000 Americans.


How did the survey end up that way?

Overall, the survey found that Americans are mixed in their opinions about states across the U.S. Many of the states on our most desirable list also made the least desirable list.

Washington ranks as follows:

  • 6th-most desirable state

  • 12th-least desirable state

  • 5th-most overrated state

  • 13th-most underrated state

Americans say California, Florida, New York, Texas, and Hawaii are the most desirable states to live in, while Alaska, Alabama, California, New York, and Texas are the least desirable.

Seattle is the most desirable city in the U.S. and the most underrated — overtaking last year's surprising No. 1 city, Virginia Beach.

Almost half (41%) of urban respondents wouldn't prefer to live in the city.

Overall, about 40% of Americans would prefer to live in a different area, with the suburbs being the most desirable choice, followed by rural areas.


As you can see, Washington State is a mixed bag but I for one love our state. It has its faults but I've lived in other states as well and I've always seemed to find my way home.

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