Eight years ago it was my first birthday in the Tri-Cities and I really didn't know many people yet.  I had just moved here to run KUJ-FM and my night guy was Daniel Couch -- also known to people as Duke Foreal. If you don't know Dan, he is a little bit of a prankster.

The day before my birthday Dan got on the air and had listeners come to the station to start his prank. He wanted to fill my office full with balloons to the roof.

After getting about 20 people to come to the station and blow balloons he realized the job was much bigger than he thought.

To fill my office, almost 40 people physically blew balloons by hand all night long until it was done sometime early the next day. I think Dan told me it was over 15,000 balloons to get the job done, or something crazy like that.

When I got to work the next day, there was a nice card on my door from Dan signed by about 40 people. I thought it was strange because I didn't know any of the people. Honestly, I thought something was fishy, and as I opened my door I realized why.

It was like a wave of balloons that completely covered me and poured out into the hallway! I had been pranked!

I spent the next four hours with a pen in each hand trying to pop all the balloons and barely made a dent. I think it took all day to finally clean my office, and it was a pain. However, it did start a great friendship that is still alive today!

Love ya Dan... and if you need to buy a car, go buy one from Dan Couch at McCurley and tell him I sent ya!

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