Big things are on the horizon this summer for Tri-Citians.

The lineup for the inaugural Uptown Get Down music festival was just announced on Friday, February 17th. The festival bills itself as the "first multi-genre multi-venue music festival" in Tri-Cities. The organizer of the festival is the Emerald of Siam which has done tremendous work in recent years to re-establish the music scene of Tri-Cities, which had fallen to the wayside in the past decade or so.

Photo by Joey Thompson on Unsplash
Photo by Joey Thompson on Unsplash

The Uptown Shopping Center in Richland has been a vibrant, bustling social hub for years. I still remember when they brought out food trucks a few summers ago to keep up with all the hungry party people. This new festival will take advantage of Uptown's layout and status as an arts mecca for Tri-Cities.

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There are several acts that are billed for Uptown Get Down, but the big name is Afroman, whose "Because I Got High" has been a stoner anthem for decades.

Other acts range from local bands to touring acts from far away. The genres range from dance to folk, rock, and hip-hop. There are several Uptown businesses that will be a part of the festivities. If you'd like more info, there is a nice set of informational stories on the festival's Instagram page.

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