We often joke about how many Starbucks stores there are in WA state, and the U.S. Some even say they be they're on the moon. But now, a social media user has created what they say is an alternative.

Nahbucks website has a map showing coffee alternatives

Sacha Fournier is a Reddit user who created the page nahbucks.com  Recently, Fournier started the website, which, according to Yahoo.com, has 64,000 listings (of Starbucks and alternative coffee stands).

The purpose is to show alternative coffee shops, especially focusing on local and/or regional offerings.

The map, which can be zoomed in on rather precisely, does show a lot of alternatives. Starbucks is located with dark green dots, while non-Starbuck coffee locations are light green.

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Dunkin' Donuts uses an orange dot.  According to Yahoo, there are still a few bugs in the system, but it appears to be growing rapidly. For more information and to see the map, click here.

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