5 Signs That Prove You’re A Full Fledged Washingtonian
Every Washingtonian is an independent personality with exciting hobbies, traits and, life journeys. However, that doesn't mean we don't share more than just our home state in common. Washingtonians have some funny ways of showing they're from Washington and they may not even notice they're doing it...
Valley Mall Wants Your February to Be Filled with Love and Dining
Your chance to win a $50 gift card is at 12:25 pm weekdays with Sarah J, listen for your cue to call and message the app for your chance to win. Your gift card from Valley Mall is valid at Xochimilco's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Famous Dave's, Mongolian Grill, YoYakima, Starbucks, FruitZone. For when you're feeling spicy or sweet, or somewhere in between

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