The Tri-City Dust Devils announced Tuesday a new lease that will reinforce the tradition of professional baseball in the region.

Dust Devils and Los Angeles Angels sign a new long-term lease.

Prior to COVID, most major league baseball teams would sign two-year PDC's or player development contracts, with their minor league affiliates.  For many years, the Dust Devils were part of the Colorado Rockies, then San Diego Padres.

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During COVID, MLB 'blew up' the minor league system, and made big changes. Gone were most of the rookie leagues, and short-season (72 games) Class A ball.  Now, there is High A (long season 140 games)  AA, AAA and the majors. The Devils are the High A affiliate for the Angels.


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The Dust Devils have signed a new 20-year lease with the Angels and will continue to send their players here.

Renovations are being made to the stadium facility, including a new weight room and more, according to the Dust Devils:

"A vital part of this extension involves the team and city working together to complete stadium upgrades, bringing the award-winning ballpark up to compliance with new MLB player facility standards. This offseason, those updates include expanding both clubhouses – home and visitors. Larger locker rooms, updated training facilities, and new nutrition areas will be incorporated."

The team will open the 2024 season on the road on April 5th, with the home opener at GESA against Spokane on April 9th.

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