The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and other officials are still trying to determine who owns, and who was piloting two drones that interrupted the Seahawks game in Seattle over the weekend and hovered over Husky Stadium Saturday night.

  Fox calls the Hawks drone a 'rogue'

According to, and other sources, an unidentified drone buzzed over Lumen Field during the 4th quarter of the Hawk's loss to the Atlanta Falcons. reports the Fox commentators claimed it was a drone from the UW Athletic Department and had "gone rogue."  However, a UW Athletic Department official said the aerial unit did not belong to anyone on its staff.

Who owns and flew it, and why it was there, remains a mystery.

    Another drone interrupted the Husky game late Saturday

Another similar drone appeared and hovered over Husky Stadium late in the UW victory over Stanford, it also resulted in a brief delay in play until it buzzed away. CBF on Reddit by way of Twitter captured an image of a screenshot from Fox Sports of the square four-light machine.

Over the last few years, there have been increasing incidents with drones near US airports, in fact, a few flights in New York and other areas have been briefly delayed until security could locate who was flying some drones too close to runways.

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Officials are cautious about unknown drones because of the safety threat they could pose if they crash into persons at an event.

There have been people fined and given misdemeanor citations for having flown drones too close to airports, or even over large crowded public events--without permission from the organizers.


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